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Krabi Town Hotels

Krabi Town Hotels / Guesthouses

Accomodations in Krabi start as low as 250 baht for a basic Krabi town guesthouse backpacker special to luxury class resorts that start at 30,000 baht. There are 300+ accomodation providers and over 30,000 hotel rooms in Krabi province. So there is the right room for everyone touring in Krabi on vacation.

Patty's Recommend Hotel & Resort in Krabi town

Budget :: The Greenery Hotel / Baab Sabaidee
Comfort :: Krabi Cozy Place Hotel / Baan Andaman Krabi
Deluxe :: Maritime Park & Spa Resort

3 & 4 Star Hotels

Maritime Park & Spa Resort
Green House Hotel
Howdy Relaxing Hotel
Krabi Cozy Place Hotel
City Hotel Krabi
Baan Andaman Krabi
Boon Siam Hotel
Sripet Hotel
The Greenery Hotel
Baab Sabaidee
Krabi Howdy Relaxing hotel

Krabi Loma hotel
Golden Hill hotel
Krabi City seaview hotel
Krabi royal hotel
Thai Hotel
Krabi River hotel
Krabi Crystal Hotel

Budget Hotels/Guesthouse/Bungalows

Green Tea Guesthouse
No. 7 Guesthouse
Good Dreams Guesthouse

other Krabi Resorts/Hotels

Klongmuang/ Tubkheak / Nong Thalay

Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort ...
Krabi Sand Resort ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/krabisands/
Kow Kwang Resort ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/kohkwangresort/
Nakamanda Resort & Spa ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/nakamanda/
คลองม่วง เกสเฮ้า
Tubkheak sunset beach resort ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/tupkaeksunset/
The Tubkheak Resort  ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/tubkaak/
Anyavee Hotel ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/anyaveetubkaek/
Coco Nori ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/coconori/


Kohjum /koh pu

Woodland bungalow
Oonlee bungalow
Koh jum lodge ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/kohjumlodge/
Koh Jum Resort ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/kohjumresort/
Andaman beach resort
Joy bungalow
New bungalow
Tingraibay resort
Ao-si bungalow
Lubao hut bungalow
Bonghomy bungalow
Koh pu valley bungalow

The beach boutique resort ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/thebeachhadyao/
The Sea House ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/seahouse/
NanTra ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/nantradeluxe/

Ao Thalene
Passe Temps ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/passetemps/

Ko Klang Krabi
Island Beach ... http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/islandbeach/

Krabi Town

Good Hotels near Krabitown city center / shopping

http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/greenery/ (#1 Recommended)
http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/baansabaidee/ ( Cheap Price! )
http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/krabisuwanna/ (Discount Rate / Karaoke Rooms)
http://www.r24.org/krabitours.com/krabi/boonsiam (Massage / Karaoke Lounge)

Krabitown Hotels with swimming Pool / Gardens



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