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Phi Phi Rooms : Exclusive Resorts
Posted by patty on 2006/1/24 9:06:36 (3452 reads)

Ton Sai village is not the only accomodation option on Phiphi. There are several resorts operating on the northshore.

All these resorts are far removed from the centers of activity.
Laem Tong

'Phi Phi Natural' is exclusive the cheapest room starts at 2,600, and will require a fantail boat to travel to and from to the best beach.

Loh Ba Kao - Sea Gypsy Village

'Pee Pee Island Village' is the only resort in this bay. Very expensive and secluded.

Rantee Beach
Small beach with one bungalow operation. Well priced.

Laem Pho - Near Ton Sai & accessable by foot

'The Bayview' is very peacefully on the high on the hillside, at the far north end of Ton Sai at the beach know as 'Had Yao'. It is about a 3 km walk from the better beach(Loh Dalam Beach) and the main shops. It features it's own beach as well, Had Yao.

Price:: starts at 2,600.

All of these resorts are more self contained and geared for guest that don't want to do much with Ton Sai village.

Phi Phi Zeavola Resort $$$$$
Pee Pee Island Village $$$$
Phi Phi Cabana Hotel $$$$
Phi Phi Hotel $$$
Phi Phi Natural Resort $$$
Phi Phi Erawan Resort $$$

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