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Taxi : Taxi Krabi -- Price List 2008
Posted by patty on 2005/7/3 14:30:09 (12058 reads)

Arrive in style ... a private chauffer taxi
Krabi Airport to Krabi Town is just 400 baht
Krabi Airport to AoNang Resorts just 600 baht


this is an older article from 2008
Krabi Tours offers rates well below the lowest price you can bargain for at the airport. In fact people pay 600 baht (or more) if they order a taxi at the airport. Please place your order as soon as possible because we have just 1 taxi avalibile at this rate.

You can pay on arrival to taxi driver OR have driver take you to meet Patty and make payment there. Arrive at your hotel/resort directly!

private chauffer fares from Krabi International Airport

krabi airport transfers
Airport - Krabi Town --- 400 baht
Airport - Ao Nang --- 600 baht
Airport - Klong Muang --- 1000 baht
Airport - Koh Lanta Pier --- 2,500 baht
* From Krabi Airport To Koh Lanta Resorts 2800-3500

Other krabi taxi transfers...
Krabitown-Ao Nang -- 400 baht
Krabitown-Klong Muang -- 700 baht
Kloung Muang - Koh Lanta --- 3,500 baht

Krabi - Surratani(pier to Koh Samui) taxi -- 3000 baht
Krabi - Don Sak pier taxi -- 3500 baht

Krabi - Phuket airport taxi -- 2800 baht
Krabi - Phuket town taxi -- 3000 baht
Krabi - Phuket patong beach taxi -- 3500 baht

Hat Yai -- 5000 baht (hatyai to krabi transfer)
Ranong -- 5000 baht
satun visarun -- 4500 baht (round trip)
sadao visarun -- 1,200 baht (round trip/minivan)

Trang taxi service --2800 bath
Taxi from Krabi To Pak Meng Beach Trang --- 2,800
Taxi from Krabi To Pak Para Pier Or Satun --- 4,500
Taxi from Krabi To Don Sak Pier --- 3,500

Krabi to Train Station --- 2500 (Song Thung)
Krabi to Train Station --- 2500 (Trang)

Contact Us Now to arrange a Airport Pickup

MiniVan Taxi
Minivan Van 4-8 person (Transfer by Private Van) - discount for roundtrip booking

MiniVan Form Krabi Airport to krabi town ::one way 700 THB return 1200 THB
MiniVan Form Krabi Airport to Ao Nang ::one way 800 THB return 1500 THB
MiniVan From Krabi Airport to the ferry to Koh Samui (Don sak pier).::one way 4,000Baht


Koh Lanta Taxi
Price Taxi Sedan (2pax)
2500 (just to Koh Lanta pier)
2800 ( Klong Dao Beach Resorts Transfer)
2900 (Long Beach Resorts Transfer)
3000 (Klong Khong Beach Resorts Transfer)
3200 (Klong Nin Beach Resorts Transfer)

Price Van (8pax)
2800 (just to Koh Lanta pier)
3400 ( Klong Dao Beach Resorts Transfer)
3500 (Long Beach Resorts Transfer)
3600 (Klong Khong Beach Resorts Transfer)
3800 (Klong Nin Beach Resorts Transfer)

Phuket Taxi Routes
Phuket Airport to Ao Nang Resorts - 2500 baht.
Phuket Airport to Kloung Muang Resorts - 2850 baht.
Phuket Airport to Tubkaak Beach Resorts - 3100 baht.

Phuket Van
Phuket Airport to Ao Nang resorts by minivan - 3000 baht

Private minivan to Krabi from Phuket / Krabi to Phuket
phuket town and phuket airport - 3000 Baht
phuket patong ,kata,karon beach - 3500 Baht
(pick up from Ao-nang & Krabitown)
Can take 5-8 people

Private Taxi to Krabi from Phuket / Krabi to Phuket
phuket airport - 2500 Baht
phuket town -3000
phuket patong ,kata,karon beach - 3500 Baht
(pick up from Ao-nang & Krabitown)
Can take 1-3 people

Special Taxi Routes
Krabi Airport Taxi - Pakbara Pier (Satun)
Krabi Airport Taxi - Thammarang Pier (Satun)
Krabi Airport Taxi - Pakmeng Pier (Trang)
VIP BUS rentals from Hat Yai to Krabi

**Private Taxi fits upto 3 passengers +baggage ... 4 passengers is possible but only give a light load of luggage.
**Minivan Van can fit 4-8 person + baggage ... max persons for minivan is 10 with no luggage.

*There is no songtaew to and from the Krabi International Airport, options are private taxi or motorcycle taxi. Else walking 800 meters to the hi-way and catch a local bus. In the high season have 1 bus go to Ao Nang, but no schedule. Maybe you arrive and have wait 1-2 hours for bus. Bus also will only take you to Travel Agent office in Ao Nang, but does not go direct to your hotel.

taxifahrt krabi town ao nang
taxi krabi ranong
thai taxi from don sak to krabi
taxi phuket trang

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