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Getting Here : How to get to Krabi
Posted by patty on 2005/7/3 14:52:16 (1854 reads)

How to get to krabi?

Getting to Krabi


There are a number of reasonable flights to be had. Check with a travel agent in the town you are in. Or contact Patty she can also do flight bookings. The Bangkok-Krabi flight is typically available for less than $100 USD.


Krabi does not have a direct rail line. But many travel via rail to Surathani, Trang, or Hat Yai and then shuttle to Krabi.


The best deal but it is a 11-14hrs. from Bangkok to Krabi. The VIP tourist buses from Khoasan rd are often cheaper than AC government buses. However, the 1st class government bus offers the most comfortable seats. Still you'll pay appox. 750 baht - and airfare can get as cheap as 1,500 baht. Flying means only a 2hr travel time verses the night bus that often leave you exhausted for 24hrs.

Again ask Patty - she often has foreknowledge of the current best rate and best bus company.


If you already are in Surathani, Trang, or Hat Yai its the way to go. Often hot and stuff but they get you here. Patty can arrange for a private taxi to come get you if you want to avoid the crowded confines of a mini van. [see Taxi info]

Leaving Krabi to Where Ever

FLy - easy as the breeze. Krabi will soon be an International Airport so here you can get there from here. Again Bangkok main route and has both regular morning and evening shuttles.

Bus or Boat - You name it we'll get you there. Typically people head to Malaysia [K.L. and Penang], Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, or back to Bangkok. Almost every major town and island has a regualr bus or boat that we can book for you. Also we specialize in private taxi and can arrange drive to the most unique and far off place.

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