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Ao Nang : about Ao Nang
Posted by patty on 2006/9/10 9:11:39 (18607 reads)

Ao Nang is the go to beach resort area for Krabi.

Ao Nang is just beyond Krabi town Thailand. The town consists chiefly of a main street that wraps around a large hill and fronts the beach, the road is totally dominated by restaurants, pubs, shops and other commerce aimed at tourists. In fact Ao Nang wasn’t more than a fishing village until the toursit boom. Now the main beach area is used by sunbathers to a certain extent, but there are hundreds of longtail boats that offer access to other beaches of Railay and daytrips to nearby islands of Poda and Chicken Head. There are a number of scuba diving centres, resorts, bars, western restaurants, and Muay Thai boxing staduim in Ao Nang village.

Ao Nang provides are central location with all modern conviences and lots of shopping and eating opportunity. Prices range from 1000-35,000 baht and most resorts provide a pool. We do not recommend Ao Nang for backpackers nor seclusion/nature seekers, but for traveling families and older tourist it is perfect.

The main beach at Ao Nang is also rather nice and the government has protected it well considering the large growth and develpment just a 100meters away.


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