How to get to Krabi

How to get to Krabi
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How to get from Bangkok to Krabi
Getting from bangkok to krabi by bus
Getting from bangkok to krabi by airplane
Getting from bangkok to krabi by train or Rail

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Advice on how to get to Krabi to Penang and how long it roughly takes? Preferably the most quickest route/convenient mode of transport!

Getting to Krabi from Penang
a. fly to phuket form Penang and then taxi to krabi – 4 hours
b. minibus from Georgetown – penang to Hat Yai then onto krabi 8 hours
c. Take ferry from Penang pier to Langkawi Island then ferry form Langkawi to Satun Thailand. Bus from Satun to Krabi … 8-11 hours.

Krabi Tours can sell you seat on a minivan all the way from krabi to ‘love lane’ in georgetown (penang). Guest house to guest house.

How to get to Samui from Koh Samui …
You may travel from Koh Samui to Krabi by ferry and bus.
Krabi tours sells joint ferry/bus ticket to koh Samui.

Getting to Krabi from Bangkok
a. fly to bangkok then fly to krabi
b. farangbus – to krabi 13 hours – 3 hour layover Surathani

Bangkok to Krabi by Bus
Buses for Krabi leave from Bangkok’s Southern Bus terminal.
Journey time is around 10 hours. Tickets rarely have to be booked in advance, excepting around Thai public holidays.

Private tour buses also operate the same routes and you buy the ticket off Khaosan Road agents. This ticket is cheaper price. We have had many reports of thefts, and high food prices on private tourist buses, so keep all your valuables on you at all times.

Bangkok to Krabi by Train

Journey time is around 13 hours.
There is no railway in Krabi, so you can’t directly go to Krabi by train! The nearest train stations are actually in Surat Thani to the west and Trang to the south. From either of these stations, it is possible to continue your journey to Krabi by bus.

Bangkok to Krabi by Airplane
Journey time is around 1.5 hours. Many flights everyday.
I have airport taxi if you need.

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