Koh Jum 2006

Koh Jum – intro
Posted by patty on 2006/11/21 12:28:04 (2288 reads)

about Koh Jum and Ko Pu Islands

Jum is not for everyone. No electricity after 10pm and no discos or 7-11s.

But if you like a great escape and some nature I can recommend Jum to you.

The island has 3 main places. Southend, Northend, and the middle.

On the southend is New and Joy Bungalows. Both New and Joy Bungalows are very popular with tourists and have good word of mouth traffic in the high season. Also New Bungalows and Joy Bungalows are the biggest in terms of size. Jum village and several other resorts are all within 30min walks.

In the middle are several large villa resorts, but nothing to fancy.

On the northend is Koh Pu. Still on Jum island but 15km away from Jum village. More near to Pu village so called Koh Pu when you go to the northend of Koh Jum.

Koh Pu has a very large mountain and a nice bay. Only 4 bunglow operations. All of them very nice, small, family run businesses. I can recommend Bon Homie, Lubo Hut, and Koh Pu Valley Bungalows. Koh Pu is my favorite spot also on Koh Jum. But the beach is rocky at low tide, not so good for swimming but the rocks provide for great snorkeling during the high tide.

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