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Rai Ley Beach : about Railay Beach Krabi
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Railey Beach over view…

As you can see Rai Lei is spectacular. There are 4 different beaches all within walking distance :: Ton Sia Beach, Railay West, Railey East, And Princess Cave Beach. Rock Climbing on Railay is internationally reknown. Railey is accessable by fantail boat ONLY! 1 hour from Krabi Town and 20 minutes from Ao Nang Village. RaiLeh.

Accomodations on Rai Lei Beach
Save Money — Ton Sai Beach Bungalows

West Railay and Phra Nang Cave beaches are some of the best beaches in thaland.

At Ao Nang jump in a wooden longtail boat, used for fishing or water taxiing farangs. A 25-minute ride sets you back a mere 100 baht each person. 200 baht each for the fantail boat taxi via Krabi town Chao Fa pier, which is a more practical option since you land within 100m of guesthouses and downtown Krabi.

East and West Railay beaches hug either side of a stubby peninsula pointing south from Thailand’s west coast. Its southern end has the divine sands and vista of Phra Nang Cave Beach, south of which is Ko Phi Phi island. Head south-west for the somewhat less restrained island-in-a-G-string that is Phuket, which one traveller described as “an island bordello”.

As with any other beachside resort, the difference between premium and budget accommodation along East and West Railay, especially the latter, is very wide. Shooting around the middle, you can splash 2000 baht a night for a rather classy apartment-style room with a double and a single bed, marble floors, spa bath and generous balcony. There’s even a bar fridge. On the low end you can get a bamboo bungalow on the East Railey hillside for under 300 baht.

Down at Phra Nang Cave Beach is the world-renowned and exotic Rayavadee Resort for the wealthy, important or just plain extravagant. The standard villas are round with two storeys joined by a wide, curling staircase. All mod-cons, including cable TV, spa and, of course, air-conditioning, complement classy teak furnishings and art works. Off-season prices start from 17,000 baht.

Krabi has one of the most gorgeous clusters of islands and beaches in the world. It is also geographically unique for Thailand, dotted as it is with jutting rock formations known as limestone karsts. The fishing port of Krabi town was founded in the 13th century so there’s some history, as well.

During the day, depending on your energy levels, you can fish, snorkel or dive around the many reefs, wrecks and other spots. The tours include one of where the Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed. Or charter a trip of your own design or hire a sea kayak if you’re after something a little more hands-on.

This part of Krabi province is also a mecca for rock climbers and there are several well-established and equipped schools in and around the resorts. Many climbers stay at the less-developed Ton Sai beach, accessible by foot from West Railay at low tide.

In the evening, downing a few drinks as the sun sets over West Railay is compulsory.Drinking – especially beer – is almost too cheap and buckets of spirits with several straws can be social scenes in themselves for travellers.

For food, there’s the usual mix of traditional Thai dishes interspersed with attempts at Western staples such as pasta, burgers and chips. But if you want to spoil yourself, try one of the many seafood bars. About 600 baht will buy you a whole fresh snapper, two huge king prawns, rice and salad. Of course there are also crabs, mussels, oysters, squid and lobsters.

The longtail boats are among the most charming fixtures of coastal Thailand. They float languidly when they’re not chugging divers out to drops or taxiing people around.

There are very few beach bungalows on Railay, most bungalows are on the hillside. Only 3 resorts own the beach area of west Railay and Princess Cave. 2 are under heavy construction and the other starts at 250 euro a night. I recommend Diamond Private Resort for most people going to Railay Beach.


Accomodations on Rai Lei Beach
Accomodations on TonSai Beach
Transfer by boat to Railay Beach & Tonsai


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