Spas in Krabi

Spas in Krabi

Krabi has dozens of Spa Treatment Centers. We can arrange for Massage and the best Krabi Spa, and we can arrange for in-room massage treatments so that you don’t even have to leave you hotel room! Thai Massage Packages

For centuries the healing powers of natural herbs has been at the forefront of Thai society and culture. With a stunning backdrop of Ao Nang, Krabi. Tropical Herbal Spa combines these beliefs with ancient cultural techniques passed down through generation after generation. Using only natural Thai products, time spent here will purify the body and soul. Tropical Herbal Spa will educate you in the traditional customs of Thai culture.

Touch of an angel massage (1hour)
This massage is very gentle as we use our hands and fingers softly. This massage relaxes you completely. And reduces slft tissue tention when used with aronatic oils of your choice.

Swedish relaxation massage (1 hour)
This superb massage involves soothing hands and palms to induce relief from stress and tension which work directly on the muscle and soft tissue, or sore muscle area.

The physical massage (1 hour)
Wich a combination of an Ocean wave massage and Swedish relaxation massage, uses technique of hands and arms movement, for relief of deep tissue tension and muscles that may be sore or tightened from sport activities. The pressure will vary to your particular needs.

Ocean wave massage (1 hour)
Traditional Thai massage using aromatic oils. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing massage without pain. This massage is designed to sooth all body nerves and muscle joints. (Not recommended for people with back problems).

Thai traditional massage (1 hour-2 hours)
Original Thai ancient Massage, using new technique for the new millenium. Traditional Thai massage uses strong hands to apply pressure deeply, and work slowly. To relieve the tension and nerve point deep down mainly concentrating on the lower part of body. (Not recommended to people with back problems).

Thai tea refresing & glowing treatment (1 hour)
Change yours skin cells with the use of Thai Teas mixed with Rice meals, oats and honey. The exfoliation helps to produce glowing healthy skin cells, refreshing the mind, and cleansing the skin.

Thai herbal body scrubs (1 hour)
Using turmeric as the prominent ingredient, this exquisute scrub contains blossom, with plais and other natural plant extracts for a unique skin exfoliation.

The natural facial treatment (1 hour)
Using natural care product from the purest skin care on earth, tomatoes for toning & refreshing. This facial treatment begin with deep pure cleansing and gentle exfoliating, followed by honey massage and cucumber facial mask for your special skin type. This Treatment will leave you with a lucent glow and soft, healthy skin.

Anti–stress facial (1 hour)
A combination of cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. Spacial technique of facial, neck and shoulder massage with using pure natural products from U.S.A. This treatment is designed very well to harmonize, balance and rejuvenating.

Healthy foot reflex treatment (1 hour)
Orientations of body organs are effected from nerves in the feet. This Treatment is excellent for detoxifying, and removing bacteria. It is also helpful for stimulaing the nerves. Combination of foot cleansing followed by exfoliating and foot care moisturizing lotion, finishing with pampering head massage.

recommended Krabi Spas

Tropical Herbal Spa, Ao Nang
One of the first spas in Ao Nang. Tropical Herbal Spa is a well-run and reasonably priced. Treatments take place in outdoor pavilions set in a mature tropical garden, or in your own private suite with jacuzzi. There is also a large pool and herbal steam area for relaxing.

Kantawan Spa, Koh Lanta & Krabi Town
For something to suit the smaller budget, Kantawan is a great little spa concept with two branches, one in Krabi Town (Maharat Rd) and the other in Koh Lanta (Long Beach). Kantawan Spa offers good quality, traditional Thai treatments such as herbal steam, massage with hot compress, and tamarind body scrub.

Adora Spa, Krabi Town
Located in a peaceful corner of the vast Maritime Park Resort complex, this is one of Krabi’s ‘best-kept secrets’. You can spend an entire day here: start in the outdoor four-poster jacuzzi tub that ‘floats’ in the middle of a lake; try a whole host of body scrubs and massage in an air-conditioned suite; and finish in their beauty salon.

Montra Spa, Ao Nang Beach
On the top floor of Pavilion Queen’s Bay hotel, it enjoys dramatic views of Nopparat Thara Beach from the teak-wood panelled rooms. There’s an excellent range of treatments on offer, concentrating on East-meets-West style massage techniques that combine traditional Thai massage with Swedish massage and aromatherapy.

Pimalai Spa, Koh Lanta
Pimalai is another top-of-the-range spa, set in the lush grounds of the Pimalai Resort in Kantiang Bay. The scenery alone will transport you to another world; while the treatments, including detox massages and body wraps, will leave you feeling like a new person.

Thai Massage is based on the concept of invisible energy lines running along the body. Thai methods use pressure, muscle stretching and compression, practuced in gentle, rhythmic, rocking movements. All the movement are flowing and smooth.

Oil Massage
Oil massage essential oils your muscles by hand An oil massage relieves strain, tension and is good for your skin. When your skin is exposed to the sun, on the beach, an oil massage is, of course, very relaxing and good for your peace of mind.

Reflexology(Foot Massage)
is a method of balancing the body by using gentle touch or massage to reflex areas in the feet (or hands). The body is like a carefully balanced machine only needing a very minor complication (although everyone has their own levels of tolerence) to upset the equilibrium.

Reflexology is an ancient therapy known to man since Egyptian times. The earliest known recording is found in a tomb drawing dated 2330 BC. Over the years it has been discovered that reflexology was known to some of the primitive tribes of Africa and also to the Native American Indians. More recently, around 1913, it started to be documented as it is now known.

Foot Massage
is an ancient art of healing which work on the body organs, including the brain, are connected by energy lines to trigger paint in our feet, consequently, when your feet are tried so are your mind and bodies.

The massage is to balance the energies within the reproductive system and organs, improved flexibility of the ankles, feet and produced a pleasant and relaxing sensation.

Aromatherapy is a multi-faceted healing art which uses the essential oils of aromatic plants, shrubs, herbs, grasses, flowers and trees to promote health of body and serenity of mind. Essential oils extracted from plants possess distinctive therapeutic values which can promote positive health. The oils’ therapeutic properties can be used to relieve stress tension and insomnia.

Aromatherapy massage is a therapeutic treatment which combines relaxing massage with the use of aromatic essential oils.

Thai Herbal Massage was used in Thailand as a traditional herbal remedy for over 100 years.

Recommended to relax tense or overworked muscles, relieve pain, sprains and bruises, relieve rheumatism and to calm the nerves.

Traditional Thai Massageenables you to press your muscles and to balance energy levels.

This is what affects flexibility and equalizes the effects of muscles of the body while improving blood circulation and creating an overall feeling of well being.

The Swedish Massage
The full body massage filled with aromatic cssentails oils from plants, leaves, flowers and spices.

The benefits of massage, such as improved circulation and relaxed muscles and porduce sense of well being which is surely unique.

Herbal Scrub gently scrubs away dull and worn out surface cells to reveal clean, fresh and healthy skin.

As your skin undergoes its natural procedures of renewal, dead cells and other impurities accumulate and hide your skin freshest layer.

This herbal scrub, prepared on the basis of traditional therapies quickly- unclogs pores, remove black heads and dead cells.

Herbal steams deep clean your skin and help refine large pores. The white willow bark in this recipe is great for when you have blemishes. The natural salicylic acid will help clear them up.

Put the herbs into a large bowl and pour the boiling water over them. Let steep for a few minutes. You can use this time to wash your face with a gentle cleanser or a mild soap.

Add the lavender essential oil to the water.

Place your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your head and shoulders to confine the steam. Your face should be 10-12 inches away from the surface of the water, 18 inches if you have sensitive skin. Close your eyes and relax for about 5 minutes, letting your pores open and absorb the herbal goodness!

Splash cool, not cold, water on your face to close the pores. Pat dry with a clean towel.

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