Why book with Krabi Tours?

Basic Questions : Why book with Krabi Tours?
Posted by patty on 2006/11/23 1:18:05 (9419 reads)

The advantage to you in booking your own room by lugging your luggage up and down the streets is NOTHING!

Honest Advise & Personal Touch

Krabi tours will take to extra effort to arrange Custom Tours

Not booking with a tour agent??

Most people are under the impression that the ‘tour agent’ has a cushion price that they use for their own commision. That maybe the case in most countries, but in Thailand it doesn’t work that way.

Say you book a 500 baht room with an agent in thailand, and then your friend decides it is better for him to go and book the same room for himself by himself. So your friend hikes all the way to the same hotel, and ask for the best price he can get, once he has found the place. The answer is — exactly what you paid — 500 baht.

Because the comission comes out of the hotels pocket, not yours. If you book yourself they DO NOT pass the savings on to you the customer.

They see such organic bookings as BONUS or EXTRA profits. It seems ridiculous, but it is the standard procedure for accomodations and tour booking comissions here in Thailand.

The reasoning is that if 2 different guests book at 2 different prices, and the guest paying the higher price finds out, then there will be outrage. So the agent and hotel have a mutual set price, anything lower comes from the tour agent lessing their commission, the hotels don’t barter don’t bargain no matter how loud you talk.

This is not the case with online bookings, on average I see an inflated price with online bookings. The reason is that most of the hotel/resort bookings for Thailand are monopolized by large international web companies. They have saturated the internet search engines so that local website owners do not appear in the top 25 search results. For Krabi in particular … a very large web portal company has purchased 43 Krabi related domain names … the monopolize all of the keyword searches … and they’re websites have useless content … they merely redirect you to booking hotels with them at greatly exagerated prices. They have no contact or understanding of the Krabi region. They have not seen the rooms they are recommending.

The other Key benefits to booking with Patty besides getting the HONEST current prices, is that she is your personal avocate here in Krabi. If you need anything arranged to your custom needs she can do it for you. If you have a problem with a tour operator she will do her best to fix it. It is a great asset to have a well spoken English contact working for you here in Krabi Thailand.

The other advantage is that we prefer that you do not pay until you arrive. For some who may want 100% booking garantee, then depending on the resort, some advanced payment is required. And we provide you with a secure payment method [see Pay Online] But Patty is well established with many of the resorts and tour outfits, so she can request a reserved room with many of them. NO BIG DEPOSIT NEEDED! Just your word that you will be here is good enough!

And last but not least. Your working with a person … Miss Patty. She is sincere, fun, and commited to insuring your visit to the Krabi area is an A-1 experience.

plus the other guys are twice the price and half as good

Customer Comments

Hi Patty
Thank you for the friendly and reliable taxi service. Your driver was
pleasant and punctual.
Keep up the good service.
Best wishes

Thank you very much for your help. I appreciate that.
Alexandra Kenchington


Sawadee Ka Patty,
Im so excited I need to reply!
Yes yes yes… all confirmed.
We are blessed to have found your website!

See you soon Patty!!


Hi Patty
Your guides is so helpful & enriching
Me & afriend will be coming to Krabi Ao Nang in a few days time.
Thanks for the lovely website!


hi patty,

we have enjoyed our stay in Krabi. thanks for taking care of us and making our trip fun, even though the weather had not been perfect.

all the best to you and your agency.



Accidentally found your very helpful web site. My thai family have never travelled to this area before and intend visiting in July. You sound very honest and friendly I hope to use your services soon. Thanks for a great introduction to Krabi.

Gary UK


Because we are simply the Best!

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