Emerald Cave Trang

Tham Morakot “Emerald Cave”

Destination – Emerald Cave Trang located just off the Southern Andaman Seas island of Koh Muk

Tham Morakot Cave Tours also known as “The Emerald Cave” … you will get wet because you will swim thru the hidden water cave tunnel. After swimming inside the limestone cliffs you will discover the The Emerald Green Room … a hidden beach inside the island!

Emerald Cave on Koh Muk is reached by longtail boat. Longtails also run from Pak Meng pier on the Trang mainland. Ao Nang and Krabitown guest first travel by van then boat. Guest staying on Koh Lanta may also make tours to Emerald Cave.

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Tourism Authority License No. 33/2524

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Emerald Cave Photos

emerald cave island

emerald cave trang

Tham Morakot Cave Tour

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