Koh Lanta Beach Guide

Koh Lanta Beach Guide – intro
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Lanta Beaches

Klong Dao Beach
Klong Dao Beach is the most popular
Klong Dao Beach is the most developed
Klong Dao Beach is the most expensive
Klong Dao Beach is the most family friendly
Klong Dao Beach is the 1st beach on the North end.
Klong Dao Beach has the best swimming bay on Lanta.
Located just 2 km from the Saladan ferry pier & village

Pha-Ae Beach ( Long Beach)
Long Beach Ko Lanta is the 2nd beach on the northern end of Lanta, this beach is known for its fine sand but has a very abrupt or steep sands.
Pha-Ae Beach Accommodations are extremely affordable and nightlife tends to favor backpackers.

Klong Kong Beach
Klong Kong Beach is 2 km south of Phra Ae, is extremely peaceful, and has excellent accommodation at backpacker bargain prices. Food options and nightlife are limited to the resorts. The beaches are isolated but tranquil and serene. The beaches tend to get rocky as you go south. Klong Kong Beach is rocky at low tide.

Far Southern Beaches

Klong Nin Beach
Klong Nin Beach is isolated and quiet. Perfect if you want to read a book on a beautiful beach.

Ba Kantiang Beach
Ba Kantiang Beach is on the southern tip of the island, Kantiang beach is one of the most beautiful on Koh Lanta. Aquamarine waters also excellent snorkeling available.

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