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Krabitown Guesthouse – Intro
Posted by patty on 2006/11/22 8:34:54 (1615 reads)

Patty only recommends the overall best guesthouse in terms of price, location, and cleaniness!

Krabitown has many guesthouses. And some stay in Krabitown and then day tour the Andaman Beaches.

Backpacker rooms = very basic and sometimes clean you get a room and a bed. Always shared bathroom.
Price :: 150-250/pax

Private bathroom with private cold shower.
Price :: 200-300/pax

Private bathroom with private hot shower.
Normally comes with A/C and cable TV.
Price :: 250-600/pax

Krabitown guest houses
Cha Lay guesthouse is expensive/trendy but clean.
Ban Too Guesthouse is very new located in small valley. But the location is not safe. Ban Too has no lights at night and wet sidewalk on steep hill. They are okay, but they do not book rooms in peak season because they know can sell 100% every day. If you want them I can get you a room at either. But the owners require a deposit of 30%/night booked.

I recommend::
Greentea Guesthouse. Cheap but good location in the heart of Krabitown. Room with Hot water come with A/C and TV. just 550 baht. Cold shower/no Tv 400 baht.

Gooddream Guesthouse. Cheap. Some nice views and on main road.

BB Guesthouse very cheap and near many shops for eating 24 hours.

Bai Fern, Chao Fa, and K House for more quality of a guesthouse

Best comfort is along Krabi River. You can take riverfront walks and near to Town. Very beautiful and quite, but can walk to city in just 5 minutes. Starts at 700 baht for Hot water shower rooms.

Krabi River View Hotels
These guesthouses are a 5min walk away from krabitown along the krabi river water front park.

Krabi Riverview Hotel: 73/1 Kong Kha Rd.
a/c HotWater CableTV start at 600B

Krabi City Seaview Hotel: 77 Kong Kha Rd.
a/c HotWater CableTV start at 600B
River view rooms 800-1200B
very good quality for price!


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