Lay Cave in Trang

Lay Cave in Trang

Destination – Ley Cave in Trang … said Ley as in … “Lay down inside the boat!”

This is fun cave adventure tour for Krabi tourists wishing to site see something a little different. Ley Cave is easy to enter by hired paddle boats. The boat guides will take you down a subterranean river that flows right through the cave. There are 1000s of Stalactites and Stalagmites in Ley Cave with tunnels for several kilometers. The tour company has built lights and pathways for 20 minute walking tours. Le Khao Kop Cave or Le Cave or Lay Cave is located near Trang Town on Phetchakasem Road.

ถ้ำเล เขากอบ – ตรัง

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Tourism Authority License No. 33/2524

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