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Ao Nang – Just a short distance from Krabi town. In fact many a thrifty traveler stays in Krabi town and takes the songtaew to Ao Nong beach or a fantail boat to Railay beach. Also the winding back roads to Ao Nang and Kloung Muang are nestled in by dramatic limestone cliffs and green jungle fauna make for a true back road motorcycle adventures. Private taxis and minivans also can transport you to Ao Nang from the Krabi airport or to Krabitown for shopping.

Accommodations offered in Ao Nang :: Econo, Family, and Deluxe (Hotels and Villas)

Ideal for :: People who like nightlife, people who like shopping, people who like A/C and hot water and a swimming pool.

Ao Nang Beach Guide

Klong Muang Beach – A get away beach. Klong Muang prices are in the exclusive range so book with an agent and get direct transport to your resort. Klong Muang resorts are spread apart and difficult to access on foot. Ao Nang beach is very developed and comfortable – hence self indulgence is encouraged there! Lots to do in the immediate area – if you are here just a short time we recommend it since any type of day tour is possible from Klong Muang and you avoid all the business of Ao Nang. There are around 83 small islands of various size and shapes in the bay off this beach – so have your cameras ready.

Accommodations offered :: Deluxe and Luxury Spa Resorts (Exclusive Resorts)

Ideal for :: Big spenders who like exclusive nature resorts.

Klong Muang Guide

Krabi Resort Islands

Railey Beach / Ton Sai Bay – Just a fantail boat away! If you can budget between 1500-2500 a day you’ll have a perfect cozy bungalow nestled in the shaded cove. The enclosed bays of Railey are spectacular and then some. Lovely sands for golden tans. Not to mention the world class rock climbing cliffs. If you just want to visit for the day Krabi Tours can arrange that also. Some folks do the Railey/AoNang to Krabi Town shuttle to save on room costs. And yes the beaches are that unbelievably gorgeous!

Rai Ley Beach Guide

Accommodations offered :: Backbacker, Deluxe, and one Luxury Spa Resort The Rayavadee . (Bungalows)

Ideal for :: Rock climbers, adventure seekers, and Nature lovers. The Railay Beach accomodations are not about cable TV, and A/C, Hot showers, and swimming pools. But the have that if you want.

Lanta Yai Island

Lanta Yai Island geography is mountainous and rugged, especially near the southern tip; some beaches are gravelly, others have fine white sand. A clan of Chao Ley, or sea gypsies are resident on Koh Yao Yai, and they preserve many of their ancient customs and ceremonies; e.g., the setting of ceremonial boats adrift to bring good luck and prosperity on the full moon nights of the sixth and eleventh months. This and other features of their lives are open to view. To visit the Island take a regularly scheduled ferry from Ban Hua Hin Pier in Tambon Koh Klahng. Bor Muang Pier in Tambon Sai Kao; or Chao Fa Pier in Krabi Town.

Accommodations offered :: Backpacker, Econo, Family, and Deluxe (Bungalows and Resorts)

Ideal for :: Families, Beachcombers, Isolation seekers, Culture seekers, Photographers, Divers. A little bit for everyone.

Koh Lanta Guide

Phi Phi Don Island

At the north end is Cape Laem Tohng where there is a Chao Ley, or sea gypsy village. These sea gypsies emigrated from Koh Lipeh in Tarutao National Park, near the border with Malaysia. Diving at Laem Tohng is excellent, as it is also at Hua Rah Ket to the extreme south. There are long beaches with rocks scattered about. Two curving bays are especially beautiful : Ton Sai and Loh Dalam. This is also where accommodations and tourist services are found.

Accommodations offered :: Backpacker and Deluxe (Bungalows and Resorts and dirty guesthouses)

Ideal for :: Families, Young Travellers, Photographers, Divers, Nature Seekers. A bit expensive. But very active nightlife for such a small island.

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Koh Ngai / Koh Mook

An exclusive island on the south tip of Koh Lanta. Home to Fantasy Resort and it is a bit of a fantasy Island.

Accommodations offered :: Deluxe (Bungalows and Resorts)

Ideal for :: Honeymooners, Big Spenders

Koh Jam & Koh Siboya

The last sections of beach not yet developed. Limited electricity. No roads. No air-conditioning. No poolsides. No Discos. And just one internet cafe between the two islands. But it is paradise.

Accommodations offered :: Basic Beachfront Bamboo Bungalows

Ideal for :: Seasoned travellers, Photographers, Nature Seekers.

Koh Jum Guide

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