Do you need pre-payment / Deposit?
For most tours you can make payment on arrival. Deposit on first night room reservations, speed boat reservations, and long distance transfers (phuket, koh samui). Only during high season and peak periods sometimes require full deposit of rooms & select tour services. At some exclusive resorts require full deposit. This is the same policy as the resorts themselves. And I follow the same booking & cancellation policy of each hotel.

What is your cancellation policy?
I follow the same booking & cancellation policy of each respective hotel/resort. Every resort has slightly differing policy please review the resorts website for details. Please know that I must make payment even if you do not show. I have had several bad customers in the past and now must require pre-payment to avoid the risk.

If you cancel within the hotel’s policy then I will refund the deposit, minus accrued banking fees.

For tours refunds only, I will honor refund for clients whom request cancelation 2 full weeks prior at 100% refund, more than 4 days before at 85%, minus accrued banking fees, and less than 72hrs hrs on case by case.


If the weather does not permit for a tour. Then the company will call me and I will call you at the hotel. You can then take tour on another day. You can have a cash refund if you can NOT take tour another day due to departure plans.



A few guest have arrived and never met with the waiting taxi driver, because of lost luggage. The driver must assume you didn’t arrive if you fail to meet with him 30 minutes after flight arrival. You will be subject to 300 baht extra charge if the driver must return at another time. (this is just the cost accrued by the driver for parking fees, gas, and lost time). You may call to Patty to cancel or delay a taxi pickup upto 8 hours before appointed time.


The sedan taxis can hold no more than 3 passengers and no more than 60 kilos of luggage.

The mini vans are limited to 8 passengers and no more than 150 kilos of luggage.

Please reconfirm any taxi bookings arranged more than 2 weeks in advanced, several days before arrival. Because I offers ‘pay on arrival’ I please ask you phone or email to confirm you are arriving as planned. This is for “pay on arrival” bookings made months in advance.

Please cancel 72 hours befor arrival time, any no show taxi bookings are not subject to refund.

My Taxi drivers will meet with you at the front entrance of the airport (arrivals lower level) or at your hotels lobby. The driver will hold a sign with “YOUR NAME & krabiTours.com” … They will wait for 15-30 minutes past the arranged pickup time. In cases of late/delayed flights they will wait.

If you book a roundtrip taxi transfer I offer additional price discount. Some people booking roundtrips ask if they can pay in split payments. Yes you can but I can not offer you the additional price discount in these cases. You will simply pay regular price of the one-way transfer. I request that you pay in full on arrival. I offer you my long standing reputation, my TAT license (No. 33/2524), and several contact phone numbers to give you assurance that my taxi driver will pick you up at the right time and place. Also, you will have a reciept as proof of sale.

I had in the past allowed split payments, but unfortunatly several persons have arranged pickups/transfers and never meet with my driver. I can not afford to pay the drivers for these no-show clients, so I must insist on payment in full on arrival for roundtrip orders.

Credit Cards Payments
*NOTE Please pay in Thai Baht, 5% extra charge for Credit Card and Foreign Currency payments (Banking Fees)

Taxi Deposit Policy
For taxi pickup at Krabi Airport we are able to provide pay on arrival. However, for other Taxi Service orders our policy is by deposit only to insure against the risk of appointment failures. Besides paypal deposits we offer deposit by bank (free at any Bangkok Bank branch) or provision of a “Pledge Bond Application”.

Pledge Bond Application

  1. Your Legal Name / Home Address / Billing Address / Home Phone / Mobil Phone
  2. Copy of Flight Tickets -or- Hotel Reservation
  3. Copy of Passport -or- National Identification Card
  4. Copy of Promise to Pay

Promise to Pay


Amount: 1500 THAI BAHT

I, XXXX, do promise to pay ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED THAI BAHT to Boonrub Travel and Tour of 101 Uttarakit Road KRABI THAILAND 81000. For the Value Received.

PAYABLE UPON DEMAND after March 1st, 2012 and subject to collection fees if paid after that date.





Recent Questions

I read on the Internet quite a few stories about tourists in Thailand being ripped off or scammed by the boatmen.

It is also a bit worrisome to me to pay the full amount to the taxi driver – including the return amount.

Kind regards,

Re: Vouchers in Thailand

I understand your concern. Please allow me to provide some facts about my business and the function of vouchers in Thailand.

In exchange of payment you will hold a voucher issued from my company.  This is legal commercial papers, a finacial instrument similar in value to paper money.

Under Thai law I must provide the services as stated on the voucher.

My company address…
BoonRub Travel & Tour
101 Uttarakit Rd. Muang Krabi
(this also printed on the voucher)

We are
Tourism Authority of Thailand Licensed Travel Agency
w/ Registered Bond of 100,000THB so that all Services are Secured

When you conduct business with me you are covered by UCC Laws as well as special TAT regulations designed to protect tourist.

But most of all I operate under the principle of Honesty. If I promise a service to you then I will provide it.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Khob Khun Ka,
Ms. Patty


At KrabiTours Travel Agency, we have good relations with the top operators at all price levels.

At KrabiTours Travel Agency, we only recommend reputable operators who provide good service and have safe operations.