Diving in Krabi

Tour operators specializing in daytrips & liveaboard on the Andaman sea out of Krabi island. There are two well known places in Krabi where underwater sight seeing is popular. Koh Po Da Nock and Chicken ‘Head’ Island. Koh Po Da Nock offers underwater cave dives and there is one cave which is about 60 metres long.

The most famous location for underwater sight seeing is the Koh Phi Phi island area. Dive tours can be arranged from Ao Nang, or Krabi Town. Under water coral reef various species of colorful fish are seen in this area. There is one ship wreck dive spot. The ship was a local passenger ship from Phuket which sank along with 600 of the passengers a few years back, of course with no casualties. Divers can now see the wreck on the sea bed ~ King Crusier

Phi Phi Island
Koh Lanta
Ao Nang
Trang Island
Similan Islands

Dive the Andaman Sea on Liveaboard PADI Boats.

You can visit the Similan Islands by daytrip from Krabi. Another good option is to go for a 4-day liveaboard cruise to visit the Similans.
Most of the diving gear shops in Krabi are located in Ao Nang Village Beach. There are a lot of tour agent who operate dive tours based in Ao Nang.

Koh Phi Phi Diving

Koh Phi Phi scuba diving ranks amongst the top five dive destinations in Thailand. Limestone cliffs rise dramatically out of the sea and plunge straight back down underwater, forming the colourful soft coral walls for which Phi Phi is famous. There are more than 15 different dive sites with many rugged walls, interesting caves and cavern penetrations. Swim-through entrances are often obscured by dazzling clouds of glassfish and gorgonians. Sea fans harbour pipefish, seahorses and shrimpfish, keeping even the most experienced divers entertained for days.

The islands lie in Krabi Province, so the sea life is substantially different to our other Thailand scuba destinations. In many places, the islands are fringed with shallow coral gardens, where hard and soft corals and sponges prosper harmoniously amongst the myriad marine life. Here’s your best opportunity to happen across green and hawksbill turtles munching on bubble corals, black and white banded sea snakes, squid, angelfish, crocodile long-toms, black-tip reef sharks and leopard (zebra) sharks.

Ko Phi Phi dive sites:
• Bida Nai • Bida Nok • Garang Heng • Hin Dot • Loh Samah Bay • Maya Wall • Phi Phi Shark Point

Scuba Diving Krabi

Basic Dive Destinations in Krabi

  • Krabi/AoNang Dives – The 4 Islands, Koh Yawabon, Koh See, Koh Ha.
  • Phi Phi Dives – Bida Nai, Bida Nok, Maya Bay.
  • Koh Lanta Dives – Hin Daeng, Hin Huang.
  • Phuket Dives – Racha Yai, Racha Noi, King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point.
  • Similans Dives – Richelieu Rock, East of Eden, Elephant Rock

Intro to Krabi Diving

Krabi Diving Rates

Ao nang 4 Islands Dives
2 dives
2.400 THB

Ao nang 4 Islands Dives
3 dives
3.200 THB

Shark Point & Anemone Reef Dives
2 dives
3.500 THB

Koh Phi Phi Dives
2 dives
3.500 THB

King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef Dives
3 dives
4.200 THB

Ha Yai Dives
2 dives
5.500 THB

*prices are subject to change please contact for current rates

itinerary / TIME TABLE

Ao nang 4 Islands Dives @ 8.30 am. – 4.00 pm. / Every day
Phi Phi islands @ 7.15 am. – 4.30 pm. / Mon, Web, Fri, Sun
Shark point, Anemone reef and King cruiser wreck @ 7.15 am. – 5.00 pm. / Tue, Thu, Sat

Dive Courses

Dive Courses are in the swimming pool
3 pool dives + Basic Theory
4.500 THB

Free-Dive (Apnoea) Course,
3 days
5.500 THB

Discover Scuba Diver
2 dives
4.900 THB

TDA/CMAS Basic Diver 2 dives + Theory
PADI Scuba Diver 2 dives + Theory
10.900 THB

TDA/CMAS* Diver, 5 dives + Theory
PADI Open Water Diver, 4 dives + Theory
14.900 THB

PADI Advanced Open Water
5 dives 11.900 THB

Nitrox Diver Specialty
9.500 THB

PADI Rescue Diver
14.500 THB

PADI Divemaster
28.000 THB

*prices are subject to change please contact for current rates

Krabi Diving Companies

Poseidon Diving
Kon-Tiki Krabi Dive Center
Aonang Scuba Center
Viking Divers
Krabi-Noi Marine
Scuba Addicts

We can work with all of the above diving companies.